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   Welcome!  East River Archery is a JOAD and Adult USA Archery Club.  We are a public school based non-profit private club serving primarily students, alumni, and their families. At East River we host USA Archery and State Sanctioned events/competitions and offer, group lessons, private coaching, and range time. Whether competitive archery training, hunt prep., or recreation East River can help!   

Step 1: Sign up for USA Archery membership and affiliate with East River Archery H.S.

Step 2: Complete Liability waiver under Resources Tab

Step 3: Purchase a Punch Card

Step 4: Get introductory 20 minute lesson

Step 5: Participate in Archery at East River 

Step 6: If competing at a USAA, NFAA, or JOAD sanctioned event club members must purchase and wear an East River JOAD Jersey. 

Disclaimer: Unless receiving group/private lessons from an East River Archery H.S.  coach, anyone using the range must be an East River Archery club member. 

JOAD Program: Open to anyone age 20 and under that wants to compete and get better at archery. 

JOAD Team: We have a competitive JOAD team. We want 4 archers of each gender in each age bracket. JOAD Team members must shoot a Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS) and will receive a patch they place on their jersey. 

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Staff profile

Thomas Dowling

Role: Coach - Level 4 NTS
Email: TDowling56@gmail.com

Staff profile

Peter McCormick

Role: Coach L3 NTS and USAA Judge
Email: peter.mccormick@ocps.net

Staff profile

Micah McCormick

Role: Instructor - L2
Email: MicahWindu@outlook.com


East River Archery H.S.

650 East River Falcons Way


(407)956-8550 ex 6332518

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